Best Places To Visit in Dominica

Dominica was settled by the Arawak who arrived from South America in the 5th century. It was later colonised by the Europeans. It is an island country and is called the commonwealth of Dominica. Dominica attractions will mesmerize.

Morne Trois Pitons National Park

Morne Trois Pitons National Park is the precious natural beauty of Dominica. Covering much of the island’s mountainous interior, the park is a primordial rainforest – from dense jungle, with big ferns as well as wild orchids, to the cloud forest located on the slopes of 1,424-meter Morne Trois Pitons. Spots on this site are beautiful lakes, like Boiling Lake as well as Boeri Lake, apart from many waterfalls in Dominica that lie in this mesmerizing park, and this includes Victoria Waterfall, Trafalgar Falls, Emerald Pool, as well as Middleham Falls.At Titou Gorge, you swim in a jade-green pool moving through to canyon to a mesmerizing waterfall. One of the Pirates of the Caribbean movies was shot in this breathtaking spot. And the park provides you another surprise: The Valley of Desolation is a spot consisting of boiling mud ponds, brightly-colored hot springs, as well as mini-geysers.

Boiling Lake

Boiling Lake is among the most popular spots in Morne Trois Pitons National Park. This fine-looking pool of bubbling, gray-green water lies in the thick forest. But it is worth seeing. Geologists have the concept that the boiling lake is a fumarole, a crack in the earth allowing hot gases to go out from the molten lava beneath. The temperature at the lake edge touches 92 degrees Celsius and at the middle, the temperature is 100 degree celsius or above. If you hike after a rainstorm, be extra careful, as the trail is slick as well as muddy. Guides are recommended.

Victoria Falls

One of the fascinating waterfalls on the island, Victoria Falls is from a river that cascades above a cliff into a pool below. Minerals provide the water a milky-white color. Use water shoes with fine grip as the 40-minute hike comprises river crossings as well as boulder scrambling, but such mesmerizing falls as well as the river itself are worth seeing. You have the option to relax with a dip in the pool.Guides are recommended, as part of the hike needs scrambling above slick rocks through the river.

Trafalgar Falls

The trip to Trafalgar Falls is among popular things to do in Dominica. Immensely popular, these twin falls lie at the far corner of an easy hike through a forest consisting of ginger plants as well as vanilla orchids.The Trafalgar Falls originate in the mountains fuse near the bottom with a hot mineral spring. You can have a dip in the hot as well as cold pools in the midst of sulfur-dyed rocks at the bottom of the falls.

Beaches of Dominica

Tourists choose a vacation in Dominica for hiking as well as nature, but you can have a glimpse of slices of coast on this Caribbean island. Dominica beaches are volcanic black-sand beauties, although the sand can look gray, and it depends on the light.Mero Beach is among the popular stretches of coast. About a 25-minute drive from Roseau, it is a hotspot to visit for the cruise ship crowd. You have the option to rent sun loungers as well as umbrellas and buy snacks as well as drinks from bamboo shacks near the shoreline.If you look for things to do in Portsmouth, go to Purple Turtle Beach. This is a palm-studded stretch of beige-hued sand, having a restaurant along its edge. You have the wild and remote Batibou Beach on the far north coast of the island.

Reaching the beach is an adventure – 4WD vehicles are needed on the rocky rutted track, or you can park up and choose for a workout moving down to the shore. Once you go to Batibou, it is a fine experience. Thick coconut forests fringe the sand with green peaks that ripple in the distance. Some scenes of one of the Pirates of the Caribbean movies were filmed here. You have a $5 fee to access this beach.Champagne Beach has many tourists, primarily it gives access to one of Dominica’s mesmerizing tourist attractions: Champagne Reef, with its geothermal activity as well as warm waters.

Cabrits National Park

Cabrits National Park has a rainforest, swampland, black-sand beaches, apart from coral reefs. This peninsula has panoramic views right from its highest point, and the reefs offer some mesmerizing snorkeling as well as diving opportunities. The park is also among the interesting historical sites in Dominica. You can see the remains of Fort Shirley, an 18th-century British garrison with a fine view of Prince Rupert Bay. A small museum at the entry point puts light on the colonial history of Dominica. Hiking in jungle terrain; and the lush mountains, as well as the blue sea beyond is a great experience. Benches provide picturesque places to halt and rest. This is a lovely place to visit for a few hours and you can enjoy a short hike, and take some photos. If you plan to hike, it is a good idea to use comfortable shoes and bring a lot of water along with.


Engulfed by lush peaks, Dominica’s capital of Roseau is a jumble of West Indian cottages as well as market stalls. Unlike other Caribbean capitals, you do not trace any glitzy shops or chain stores here. In 2017, Hurricane Maria demolished many of the structures here, but the town had a remarkable comeback, and various new structures are hurricane proof. It is among the wonderful places to see in Dominica.

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