Places To Visit in Maldives – Enjoy the Island Beauty and Pristine Waters

Best Places To Visit in Maldives

The Best Places To Visit in Maldives are an archipelagic country located in the Indian Ocean and is popular for its mesmerizing water bodies. Famous in the world for white sand beaches, the Maldives is situated in the south side of Sri Lanka and is an exciting place for adventure, honeymoon or a leisure trip. You can visit some of the best places to visit in Maldives and the trip will be embedded in your memory.

The Maldives is a fusion of 1,192 coral islands clustered in natural atolls. However, only 200 islands have the habitation. Each resort occupies a complete atoll.

In Maldives, you can see the wonderful manta rays as well as the reef sharks in the pristine waters. You can move out from the overwater bungalow for a glimpse of turquoise water. Having the 26 atolls, the Maldives provides you immense diving opportunities. Here you find diverse marine life apart from corals having distinct hues.

The capital city of Maldives is Male which is also the commercial as well as financial capital. Being the main seat of executive, legislature as well as the judiciary, this city has global connectivity with the international airport. Male comprises many buildings as well as monuments carrying historical eminence. You can approach Male via ferry boats from the Male international airport. Travel to other islands is obstacle free from Male because of the readily available ferry as well as seaplanes connectivity but it could be expensive. You can enjoy the trip to Maldives tourist places.

Places To Visit in Maldives

Vaadhoo Island

The Vaadhoo Island is a mesmerizing island located in Maldives and is popular for the bioluminescent phenomenon also called the Sea of Stars. It is situated in the Raa Atoll. The Sea of Stars phenomenon is regarding the incredible waters of Vaadhoo Island as they transform into brilliant blue because of the moonlight. The sea shines in such a way that it reflects the stars underneath. This phenomenon takes place because of phytoplankton in the sea that shine under night cover. You can see the Sea of Stars at Vaadhoo Island in June as well as October. You also have the option to swim in the shining water.

Vaadhoo Island has some splendid resorts in Maldives providing luxury amenities as well as villas. Other than this, though the population is less, you can learn Maldivian apart from many things about the island culture.


Diving is among the famous things to do in Maldives. Some dive sites located in Maldives are Fish Head, HP Reef, Banana Reef as well as Maanta Point.

Fish Head

Mushihasmingli Thila or Fish Head is located in North Ari Atoll and is listed as top 10 diving sites in the globe. You can see a wide variety of marine life at this popular spot. Earlier a shark feeding spot, now it is declared a preserved Marine Area by the government of Maldives. Having the properties of Thila, this site is famous for underwater caves, black corals as well as undersea rock structures. The north direction of Fish Head is a good spot for inexperienced drivers because of shallow depths. Reef sharks are seen here frequently. This reef is considered fine for shark spotting because it provides ample opportunity regarding shark behavior.

HP Reef

Situated in North Male Atoll, HP reef also called Rainbow Reef is because of the colorful soft corals. You can reach here within ten to 15 minutes via speedboat from Girifushi. HP Reef has strong currents and you should take precautions while diving here. You have a diversity of corals in different hues and shapes, pelagic as well as other fishes. You can swim in a 25 m cave also called chimney apart from observing marine life with diversity.


Maldives is a fascinating cluster of islands with the bliss of the exotic sea. The blue waters look incredible in this part of the world. You can get enjoy with family in these places to visit in Maldives.

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