Best Places To Visit in Russia Land of Natural Beauty

Best Places To Visit in Russia

Best Places To Visit in Russia is the biggest nation in the globe in terms of the land area. Here, you find various museums and one of these is the famous The Hermitage Museum and this one finds a place in this country. Apart from the splendid architectural craftsmanship, Russia is also known for its significant natural beauty. You can come here through the Russia tour package conducted by Tour Forest.

If you are a lover of the environment as well as natural vistas, you will be wonderstruck with the exemplary view of Lake Baikal as well as various mountains of splendid beauty other than trees as well as the rolling meadows. Russia is the home of the renowned minds in the areas of literature and music and some of these are Anton Chekhov, Igor Stravinsky as well as Leo Tolstoy.

Best Places To Visit in Russia

St. Petersburg

As of today, St. Petersburg is the second most important city in the whole of Russia, and in the earlier times, it was the epicenter of political power in the country. Also referred to as the Tsarist capital of Russia, St. Petersburg depicts the rich heritage of the dynastic rule and you can see all this impact of the Tzar heritage in the form of museums, gardens as well as various splendid Best Places To Visit in Russia.

In the wonderful city of St Petersburg, you find the traces of imperial history related to Russia. If you stay in this city for some days, you will come across the grandeur related to the rule of the Tzars of Russia for the previous two centuries. In this city, you find ample museums and some of these are in the imperial buildings and display different facets related to Russian history. You can come here through the Russia trip conducted by Tour Forest.


Best Places to visit in Russia the Moscow is the capital city of Russia and the city is known for the rich cultural, economic as well as the political past. As of today, the city is the seat of political power of Russia as well. It is the largest city in Russia and in this city, you find a big global influence. It is the largest travel destination in Russia and here, you find some wonderful works of architecture. You can come here at least once in your life and this will be a cherishable memory.

Moscow has been the capital of Russia for a long time and became Russia’s capital after the revolution once again. Here, you find the exemplary architectural structures and you will really appreciate them. The Kremlin also serves as residence of the Russian President today, is a complex comprising Best Places To Visit in Russia, cathedrals as well as walls.


The Siberian Federal District comprises a big area of Russia. In this region, you have the deepest lake in the world by the name Lake Baikal. Siberia is a wonderful place for travelers who are interested in merging with splendid nature, lofty mountains as well as unexplored areas.

Known for the harsh winters, Siberia has much to provide. Right from the Siberia crown by the name Lake Baikal to the travel in Trans-Siberian railway apart from the exotic glimpse of the Altai mountains to fascinating cities- Siberia makes the visitors rejoice. Cities like Novosibirsk, Tomsk, Irkutsk, Ulan-Ude, Omsk as well as Krasnoyarsk display their distinct beauties. Novosibirsk is also the capital of Siberia, but is also a vibrant city providing cultural scenes.


Sochi is a mesmerizing seaside retreat magnetizing various travelers and these include celebrities as well as famous politicians. In 2014, the place became the host for Winter Olympics, making it more famous among the travelers from the different parts of the world.. The city is also referred to as the Black Sea Pearl.

Here you find the splendid mountains, shingle beaches as well as the vibrant nightlife. Sochi is a well known region among travelers, attracting more than 4 million travelers every year. You can come here on a Sochi trip package through Tour Forest and enjoy the Best Places To Visit in Russia.

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