Top 3 Famous Places in Myanmar Country of Heritage in Asia

Famous Places in Myanmar

Famous Places in Myanmar is the biggest among the Southeast Asian states when it comes to area. Located at the base of the Himalayas and having borders with India, Thailand, Laos, Bangladesh, China, and the Bay of Bengal, Myanmar provides you a fascinating journey of culture, history as well as adventure. You can come here to see Famous Places in Myanmar.

One of the less costly countries when it comes to travel, Myanmar comprises exemplary mountain ranges, environmental trails, exotic beaches, as well as good cities. With a history exceeding more than two thousand years, Myanmar comprises gorgeous Pagodas like the golden Shwedagon Monastery as well as huge statues of the Buddha atop valleys with splendid mountain backdrops. The UNESCO World Heritage sites of Pyu as well as Bagan promise to take you to the glorious past of the nation, while the scenic beaches of Ngwesaung as well as Thandwe take you far from the crowd of the city.

Adrenaline junkies, hot air balloon rides, high treks, snorkeling, paragliding as well as plenty of camping choices, all are here. Budget travelers can enjoy the adventure too. The Inle Lake provides a charming boat ride amid the mountains as well as swaying palms. You have the thriving night street markets providing you fusion of culture, history as well as fun.

This majorly Buddhist nation is known for arts and crafts, particularly the sand paintings as well as drapes. With the blend of Tibetan, Indian, Chinese as well as Thai cuisine, the Burmese food is a must-try for its spices, decadent meat as well as creamy sauces. The country magnetizes solo travelers, honeymooners, apart from families alike. So come to the splendid Land of Myanmar.

Famous Places in Myanmar

1. Yangon

Yangon was earlier called the city of Rangoon but the name was changed in 2006. This city fuses Asian as well as British cultures in a beautiful manner. Travel to Yangon is preferable to any foodie, culture or history lover, or even a person who appreciates natural beauty. Yangon is the biggest city as well as the commercial center in Myanmar. It is also called Garden City of the East. The people of Yangon give much preference to conservation of natural elements, and you will come across some beautiful scenery each time.

The city was founded in 1755 by King Alaungpaya who called it Yangon. When the British colonized the country, the name became Rangoon till 2006 when it was officially called by its original name. People are always mesmerized by the beauty as well as the bounty of the city apart from its people. The culture is inclined towards kindness as well as helpfulness. You make good friends here. You find traditional colonial structures of the British times. The city center provides commercial activities, and further north, you find beautiful museums, lakes as well as restaurants apart from sporting stadiums as well as complexes. Come and see the fascinating Famous Places in Myanmar.

2. Mandalay

Mandalay is a city situated on Irrawaddy River banks in Central Myanmar. It is the second biggest city in the nation after Yangon. Many people think of old Burma when you talk of Mandalay, but are overwhelmed by sprawling buildings, wide roads with motorcycles as well as cars, pagodas having towering stupas, shopping complexes, tea houses apart from buzzing markets.

3. Bagan

Bagan is a very old city situated on the banks of the Irrawaddy River in Mandalay area in Central Myanmar. Bagan was the earlier capital and an epicenter of a strong Pagan empire that flourished more than 400 years before. At present, it is a famous UNESCO heritage site. The old town area is among the much visited destinations in the nation. You can visit the Bagan Archaeological Zone, comprising the remains of more than 4000 Buddhist temples as well as monasteries, of which 1000 still remain today. Come and enjoy the fascination of Myanmar travel places.

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