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Places To Visit in Chile

Places To Visit in Chile is a region of the famous poets like Pablo Neruda as well as Isabella Allende. You can visit various places in Chile right from the urban areas of Santiago, the Andean foothills as well as the Atacama Desert. You can visit the Pacific coastline apart from the National Parks, the guanaco as
well as the glaciers.

It is the longest country apart from being the narrowest. The length of the country is 4300 km and the width is 175 km. The Atacama desert in the region is among the driest places on earth. Chileans are hospitable. It is a diverse country having a vibrant culture apart from different flavors. You can come here through Places To Visit in Chile tour packages conducted by Tourforest.

Places To Visit in Chile


The mesmerizing valley city of Santiago is the capital of Chile apart from being the biggest city. It is also the center point of economic as well as cultural activity in the nation. Engulfed by the mesmerizing snow-clad Andes, the landscape of the city is mesmerizing with the combination of skyscrapers apart from historic buildings depicting Chilean culture and the region is among the cherishable skylines in South America.

The city depicts culture at each corner and you can taste the tongue licking delicious cuisine that includes Latin American food. The city is known for its splendid nightlife. You can come here through Places To Visit in Chile trip packages.

Santiago is well known for the cultural artifacts across the entire city.You can visit the place of well known literary icon Pablo Neruda that is now transformed into a museum depicting his life as well as legacy.

The Plaza de Armas depicts the history as well as colonial heritage and this is the landmark related to neo-classical architecture. Some of the examples are Palacio de Real Audiencia apart from Metropolitana Cathedral. These structures depict 19th century architecture.

The city also has a moc colonial village called Pueblito Los Dominicos and you can find the colonial lifestyle. Engulfed by the foothills of the mesmerizing Andes, you find exotic scenic beauty in the area.

The San Cristobal hill has a splendid Santiago Metropolitan Park on a vast 722 hectare green area providing recreational activities for travelers as well as locals.

In this region, you can also visit the Chilean National Zoo apart from and the Sanctuary of San Cristobal Hill. This is the site of a huge 14 meter high sculpture of the Virgin Mary as well as the Immaculate Conception. The hill also depicts an incredible panoramic view of the valley.

You find wonderful nightlife at Barrio Brasil as well as Barrio Bellavista, and the latter provides a Bohemian touch. Enjoy Chile’s tasty cuisine like Empanadas, Churrasco as well as Cachacero. You can also try spicy Pebre. You can come here through the Places To Visit in Chile holiday tour package.


Chile was inhabited 10,000 years ago by tribes who lived in the valleys as well as the Pacific coast. Northern Chile came under the Incan rule and Mapuche stayed at Central as well as Southern Chile till 1536.

The Spanish conquered Chile and Pedro de Valdivia laid the foundation of Santiago in 1941. In 1810, there was a war of Reconquista with the Spanish. Chile became independent on February 12, 1818. Bernardo O’ Higgins was elected the first leader of Chile after its independence.


Chile comprises Northern Chile, Central Chile, Southern Chile, Extreme South Region as well as the Eastern Island. In Northern Chile, you have the famous Atacama desert, archaeological ruins as well as the Andean highlands. Central Chile has the main cities, famous vineyards as well as some incredible ski resorts.Southern Chile is also called the land of Mapuches, lakes, rivers as well as Chilo island.

The Southern part comprises the Western Patagonia that has fjords, ice caps, lakes as well as forests. Eastern Island is in the center of the Pacific Ocean. You can come here through the Chile tourist guide.

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