Places To Visit in Spain-A Must see Nation of Splendour

places to visit in Spain

Places To Visit in Spain is a beautiful country in Europe. The country was earlier called the Kingdom of Spain. Today Spain is a mesmerizing country from the global tourist point of view and from here, you can have a look at the strait of Gibraltar as well as the Atlantic ocean. In Southern Europe, Spain is the largest country as per the land size and France as well as Portugal are some of its border countries.

Some of the Places To Visit in Spain are mentioned as under:


Made in 25 AD by the Romans, Merida has some of the impressive, extensive, and finely preserved ruins in entire Spain.Presently it is the capital of the community of Extremadura, the city is located in the western-central area of the Iberian Peninsula, having the Guadiana as well as Albarregas rivers passing through it. As it has two thousand years of history, old historical sights as well as archaeological ruins can be traced wherever you go. Of these, the mesmerizing old Roman Theatre is a must see visit; it holds flamenco shows as well as theater performances even to this day.


The capital as well as the biggest city of the province having the same name, Salamanca is located on the banks of the Tormes River located on Spain’s Northern Plateau. Considered among the most beautiful Renaissance cities in the entire Europe, its historic center comprises architectural treasures as well as incredible monuments dating back to centuries.Life in the city moves around the bustling Plaza Mayor, having cafes, bars as well as restaurants. The elegant square looks magical during night when its mesmerizing buildings lit up.


One of the much popular cities to see in the Castilla La Mancha area of Spain, Cuenca is in a precarious location at the point where two river gorges fuse. Because of its strategic setting, it was conquered as well as ruled by both the Muslims and Christians. Napoleon himself left his mark in the early 1800s.This makes it mesmerizing to explore; many centuries-old churches, a cathedral, as well as a castle are hidden away in between the streets of the medieval old town. While the beautiful buildings are painted in warm hues, vivid colors as well as daring designs coat the walls of its various art galleries as well as museums.


Situated in spectacular settings imaginable, Ronda, located in the south of Spain, straddles the El Tajo gorge that overlooks the valleys as well as the hills lying before it. Spanning the gorge is Puente Nuevo, the landmark of the city was built in 1793. The mesmerizing bridge connects the modern El Mercadillo part with El Ciudad, the old Moorish quarter, home to mesmerizing churches, splendid palaces as well as pretty gardens. The town is known as the cradle of Spanish bullfighting; its neoclassical ring is distinct. This is among the well known places to visit in Spain. A trip to Spain will be a great experience.

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