Unique Sri Lanka Tourist Places –Enjoy Country of The Beaches

Sri Lanka Tourist Places

Sri Lanka Tourist Places are in the list of island nations and the country is located in the Indian Ocean. It is a fascinating country known for the incredible beaches, very old Buddhist temples, and plenty of wildlife apart from a rich history of archaeology. You can enjoy the water sports, splendid sunsets, lush tea gardens and of course apart from tasty food of Sri Lanka. You can enjoy country of the beautiful beaches and popular tourist places in Sri Lanka.

Full of vibrant culture, Sri Lanka provides you with the safe local traditions fused with the fast rapid urbanization. Having UNESCO World Heritage Sites in this nation, it was classified as the finest nation to visit in 2019 by Lonely Planet. Drawing its influence from South-East Asia, Sri Lanka provides you the best in all areas when it comes to tourism. You can come here through the Sri Lanka holiday tour packages conducted by Tour Forest.

Sri Lanka Tourist Places To See


A world heritage site declared by UNESCO, Sigiriya depicts ancient urban planning. Sigiriya is a site of significance depicting the Cultural Triangle and is among the iconic destinations of Sri Lanka. Also referred to as the Lion Rock, here you find the ancient Sigiriya Rock Fortress apart from the well-preserved attractions. The complex hydraulics system at the fortress is another added thing city planning.

The region is located in Matale near Dambulla. According to history, the site was chosen by king Kasyapa as the new capital. There is a big gateway in the form of a lion and the place gets the name from this gateway. Until the 14th century, the place was a Buddhist monastery.


Located in Badulla District, Ella mesmerizes the travelers with its exotic tea plantations, mountain jungles as well as the cool climate. Situated at a height of 1,041 m, this wildlife-rich region also comprises ancient caves, old secluded temples, as well as the Ella Gap that overlooks the big mountains.

Here you also find the nine arches railway bridge depicting colonial-era construction in Sri Lanka Tourist Places. A trek to the bridge is a good experience, especially when the train arrives. There are various calm cafes, walking trails as well as guest houses located on the foothills of the silent getaway. One can also go to the popular Lipton’s Seat where the tea magnate Sir Thomas Lipton oversaw his ever-expanding empire. You can come here through the Sri Lanka Tourist Places.

Nuwara Eliya

Nuwara Eliya is a hill station of Sri Lanka well known for tea production. It has mesmerizing attractions like waterfalls, tea plantations to gardens apart from lakes. Nuwara Eliya reflects scenic beauty. You will find the structures built in the colonial-style buildings and this comprises a golf course as well.Here you find the iconic landscape and this is also referred as Little England.

Nuwara Eliya is an exclusive site for tea production and you can also see Pidurutalagala from here. This is a mountain of high elevation in Sri Lanka. This city has a wonderful climate. This region is among the coolest areas of Sri Lanka. You can come here through Sri Lanka Tourist Places visiting packages conducted by Tour Forest.


Mirissa is an old beach town in the south belt of Sri Lanka and is a well known surfing as well as whale watching destination. It is located at a distance of 150 km in the southern direction of Colombo and comprises palm trees, blue waters as well as colored boats that adorn the shores. Mirissa offers whale watching, snorkeling, surfing, and bodyboarding. Here you find the calm days as well as the lively nights near the beach.

During the day, you can enjoy the happy hours and candle lit dinners by the sea during the night. The clear waters have turtles apart from wonderful aquatic life.

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