Top 10 Tourist Attractions in UAE


As a happy Tourist, gathering information from the Internet will be very useful for you. In order to quench your thirst for info, here is TOUR FOREST ready to meet your needs gladly. Here you can see all the useful information about Dubai, the rich Country in the UAE.

This is real Paradise for Tourists. Reason is this country is thriving by the enormous visits of International Tourists. Many foreign nationals also work in Dubai in Nation Building – which was earlier a Desert, with Sun scorching all days at its highest.

What is the old name of Dubai?

The old history of Dubai dates back to centuries ago. It was under Dynasty Rule of Sultans. According to records, this area was under the control of Abu Dhabi. In the early 19th Century, the Al Abu Falasa Dynasty of Bani Yas Tribe, established Dubai. Its old name was Al Wasi.

What makes Dubai a major tourist attraction?

Dubai was once a small trading hub. Now it has become the International Hub for Tourism and Business Travellers. Dubai was systematically developed, with a view to attract foreign tourists in crowds, and also to open the Market for merchandises from many western countries, as well as Asian countries.
Statistics go to show that 20 million people from around the world visited UAE in 2020. World’s Best Hotels, and abundance of Shopping Malls are top reasons for this Arab nation, to become major Tourist attraction, apart from many other attractions.

Which is the most beautiful emirate in UAE?

Emirate Fujairah is the most beautiful Emirate, where the mountains and sea meet and thus provide most astonishing views in UAE.

What is special in UAE?

The two largest cities – Dubai and Abu Dhabi are special in UA attracting millions world Tourist population in every year.

Can ladies wear shorts in Dubai?

Yes – women are allowed to wear shorts – but they should be decent and must be knee-length or a little bit above – not to look obscene.

Is UAE beautiful?

Certainly yes. Man made and natural scenic beauties of UAE can immerse anyone with awe, and the sceneries they enjoy can never be forgotten.

Are all Emiratis rich?

No. While there are millionaires in Dubai and Abu Dhabi, there are poor and middle-class Emiratis living in other Emirates.

Top 10 Tourist Attractions in UAE :

1.Burj Khalifa – world’s tallest building for panoramic views of Sight Seeing.
2.Sheikh Zayed Mosque – Abu Dhabi
3.Hajar Mountains
4.Louvre of Abu Dhabi
5.Jebel Jais – highest peak
6.Sharjah Arts Museum
7.Jebel Hafeet peak
8.Bastakia – remains of Old Dubai
9.The Desert
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