Top 5 Places To Visit in Italy

Places To Visit in Italy

Places To Visit in Italy is located in the southern part of Europe and is in the list of tourist destinations. It comprises the continental part and you can also see the sight of the Alps. Because of the heritage and natural beauty associated with this country, it is preferable by tourists and is among the much visited countries by the tourists. Italy is a developed country with big industries. It is also a preferable destination for heritage lovers, lovers of natural beauty as well as tech tourists.

Places To Visit in Italy


Rome is among the much visited cities in the world and in the year 2019, the city had 10.1 million global tourists. The city fills you with love and the English words like Romantic, Romance come from the word ROME.


This is an ancient monument and was used as a stadium for gladiator fights. It is said that the fight was unto death. As per historical face gladiators were slaves of aristocrats.


Venice is located in the north eastern part of Italy and is a romantic destination for the global tourists. It comprises islands, canals and bridges. Earlier, it was called republic of Venice.

Vatican City

Vatican city is an independent state in Rome.It is ruled by Pope who is the Bishop of Rome and here you have the famous basilica of St Peter, the apostle.

Cinque Terre

It is called a popular tourist destination and Cinque Terre is a set of five perched villages joined together along a stretch of cliffs on the Italian Riviera. The five villages as well as the coastline are a UNESCO World Heritage Site.


Going to Italy is a dream of every tourist. This is the country of romance, adventure, beauty and heritage. Coming to Italy will be your golden time.

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