Top 12 Tourist Attractions in Iceland


Tourist Attractions in Iceland also called island of fire and ice, is among the world’s finest travel destinations, not just with thrill-seeking adventurers, but also for the lovers of nature who look for something special. In this country, you have active volcanoes, geysers, hot springs, glaciers, ice fields, as well as fjords and the country is less populated and rests at the Arctic Circle edge, and this is the area of high volcanic activity. Iceland’s tourist attractions are splendid.

Tourist Attractions in Iceland

1. Whale Watching, Reykjavik

Irrespective of the travel plan, whale watching takes place year-round, although summer is the high time to watch these gentle giants. During the warm months, you can watch whales in the midnight sun. You have a ninety five percent chance to see these giant creatures, and it depends on the timing. You can see these near the boats, and this is an awe-inspiring sight of nature.

2. Blue Lagoon

At a 40 minute distance from Reykjavík, this is a must watch tourist attraction. You can enjoy natural bathing in pale blue water and it will be a mesmerizing experience with nature. The Blue Lagoon industry has excelled around this attraction since 1976. The water that comes from hot springs touches 37-39 degrees Celsius and is beneficial for health and skin. You will also get skincare products, spa treatments, and places to eat as well as drink. Enjoy mud and mineral massage. You can enjoy a day trip to the Blue Lagoon from Reykjavik.

3. Spectacular Geysers

An easy one hour distance from Reykjavik, Strokkur Geysir is a fine fountain geyser and renowned in the world. This hot spring is in the southwest of Iceland near Hvítá River and is near the Golden Circle. Boiling mud pits and exploding geysers are a must visit here. Every few minutes, Strokkur projects water 30 meters in the air.

4. The Northern Lights, Aurora Borealis

The Northern Lights, or Aurora Borealis, is a known tourist spot in Iceland. Auroras are joined to solar wind, a flow of ions from the sun. These particles become engulfed in the magnetic field of earth and crash with molecules of the atmosphere,thereby causing energy bursts, appearing as big circles around the poles. This mesmerizing natural light show is admired in remote places and is impressive during enhanced solar activity.

5. Landmannalaugar Nature Reserve

Landmannalaugar National Park is among Iceland’s popular tourist places. It is a mesmerizing place to see if you are an environmental lover. The principal sights of this mesmerizing landscape are Hekla volcano as well as vast lava fields. Hiking plus horse riding are popular things to do here, and hikes range some hours to various days. You can go from June to September, after which the road is closed. A mountain lodge with facilities gives shelter to 75 people. Expect rawness of nature, mesmerizing scenery, and spectacular views.

6. Hallgrímskirkja

A modernist icon, this striking church is among the top attractions of Iceland, andas you see it, you will understand the reason. It is among the tallest buildings in Iceland. The Black Falls, considered among natural wonders of Iceland, has classic architectural design. A climb to the height of a 73-meter-high tower is a memorable experience. Here, you have spectacular views of the city as well as the adjacent landscape.

7. Dettifoss Waterfall

Plunging 45 meters and 100 meters wide, it is among the most powerful waterfalls in Europe. It is good to approach on the eastern side of the River Jökulsa, and you will find a better road. Along hasslefree paths from Dettifoss, Selfoss is a small waterfall around. Below Dettifoss, the Hafragilsfoss waterfall moves 27 meters in a steep canyon. It is advisable to drive rather than walk to Hafragilsfoss.

8. Kirkjufell Mountain, Grundarfjörður

Around 2.5 hours north of Reykjavik is the little town of Grundarfjördur, a fishing village located on the coast of Snaefellsnes peninsula. The town is picturesque, engulfed by mountains, with Mt. Kirkjufell as a landmark. You find little streams as well as waterfalls. During winter, Kirkjufell is a fine place to see the Northern Lights.

9. Gullfoss Waterfall

Magnificent Gullfoss Waterfall is a 90-minute drive in the western direction of Reykjavik. The river Hvítá moves into a canyon, forming steep terraces, making a strong torrent. Gullfoss engulfs two cascades; the upper one 11 meters, while the lower one about 21 meters. Torrents of water move over Gullfoss at a rate of 109 cubic meters per second.

10. Hiking at Mount Esja

a 30-minute move from Reykjavik takes you to Mount Esja. The mountain is 914 meters tall and popular with hikers. Even for the climber who is experienced it is a hasslefree hike. There are mesmerizing views of Reykjavik as well as the adjacent landscape and ocean. You can take various routes to the summit and it depends on strength and the time you have. You can reach the starting point at Mount Esja and this is a 10-minute bus ride on public transportation.

11. Akureyri

In the north of Iceland, Akureyri is amid mountains about 40 kilometers in the southern direction of the Arctic Circle. With an 18,000 population,. summer days reach 25 degrees Celsius, and winters get snowfall apart from cold weather. Despite the town’s isolation, cultural life as well as entertainment flourish here, and a range of shops providing branded products. The skiing area is the finest in the country.

12. Lake Myvatn & Nature Reserve

A little move from Akureyri is Myvatn, a lake district known for its abundant bird life, fauna, and huge shallow body of water. The area was formed around 2,500 years ago by a lava eruption. It is among the fine places to see in Iceland. Iceland tourist attractions are going to thrill you and all this will be a fine experience throughout your life. Being in Iceland is a joy and these are the moments to cherish. You can see some lovely places in Iceland. You will have to take a vacation for a week or ten days to have some incredible moments here. Be thrilled here.

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