Tourist Attractions in South Africa Country of Splendour

Attractions in South Africa

South Africa is a fascinating nation of heritage and beauty and the largest city of the country is Johannesburg. You can see many UNESCO world heritage sites here making it the country with the maximum UNESCO listed sites in African continent. It is a country with deserts and gorges apart from the golden savannah. An exclusive country for environmentalists, the lovers of wildlife cannot miss it. This is the country having the five brave wild animals like lion, elephant, rhino, leopard and buffalo. These are called big 5 in the wildlife dictionary. South Africa is also known for its coral reefs as well as golden beaches.

Tourist Attractions in South Africa

Kruger National Park

Kruger national park is among the oldest game reserves in South Africa and if you are on your way to a South African trip, do not miss this. This park has wildlife at its best and of course the big five apart from grasslands, forests and river systems. You can relax in the luxury lodge here or the forest hut and enjoy the true splendour of nature.

Cape Town

Cape Town is among the breathtaking sites of the world and of course a much visited tourist spot. This is a multicultural city in the pristine surroundings of nature. From here, you can visit the splendid table mountain. On the eastern slopes of the table mountain, you can find the famous botanical gardens.

Garden Route

The garden route operates stretches more than two hundred kilometers and you will have breathtaking scenery along the coast. In this route, you will find the green hills and the coastal cliffs. You will find lagoons and lakes as well. The route extends from Mossel Bay to Storms river.

Kalahari Transfrontier Park

This is among the biggest wilderness areas globally and is Africa’s officially declared transfrontier park. In the northern cape, it is one of the most exotic places to visit in South Africa.


In South Africa, Stellenbosch is among the fascinating towns of picturesque beauty. It is among the finely preserved towns from the time of Dutch East India company. In this town, you will have the feel of vibrancy and you can find oak trees as well as farms apart from cape dutch dwellings. This place is known for some of the finest restaurants and for food lovers, the place proves lovely.


If you plan the trip to South Africa, do not miss the place called Drakensberg also called the Dragon mountains. This is also the vacation destination for the South Africans. You can also see the Giant’s castle game reserve and in the sheltered valleys, you will find the dense forests. The species of the flowering plants exceed eight hundred.

Pilanesberg National Park

In the Pilanesberg national park, you can find the dazzling diversity of the wild animals and birds. It lies in the midst of the rain soaked area and desert. You can find zebra and giraffes in this exemplary place of natural beauty.

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