Tourist Attractions in Turkey-Find Something Special in this part of World

places to see in Turkey

Tourist Attractions in Turkey is located in the western Asia and southeast Europe and from this country, you will have a view of the black sea. Istanbul is the largest city of Turkey. It is also the financial center. You can see many tourist attractions in Turkey and be filled with joy.

Some of the Tourist Attractions in Turkey are:

Aya Sofya

Categorised among most beautiful buildings in the globe, the awesome Byzantine glory of the Aya Sofya Museum (Hagia Sophia) is not just among the top things to go for in Istanbul, but also in Turkey. The fascinating bulk of the exterior is rimmed by the light minarets added post Ottoman conquest, while the sumptuous as well as cavernous frescoed interior is a reminder of old Constantinople’s strength and power. This monument of fame is a must visit for each tourist who visits the country.


Not just to be missed, the ruins of Ephesus is a place of colossal monuments as well as marble-columned roads. One of the complete, still-standing Roman cities located in the Mediterranean region, this is the place where you can experience what life really must have been like in the golden age of the Roman Empire.


The swooping rock valleys in Cappadocia are the dream of a photographer. Cliff ridges as well as hill crests apart from rippling panoramas of wacky-shaped pinnacles that are crafted by millennia of wind as well as water action. This is among the world’s top destinations for hot air balloon rides. In case the lunar-scape is not enough to put you to temptation, in these valleys you can trace rock-cut churches made in the Byzantine Era, when this area was a crucial Christian site.

Topkapi Palace

Wholesome beyond belief, the Topkapi Palace shifts you in the fantastical, opulent world belonging to sultans. It was from this place that the sultans of the Ottoman Era crafted an empire extending up into Europe as moving down to the Middle East and to Africa. The interiors, with the exuberant tiling as well as lavish jeweled decor, are a peek in the Ottoman’s power base. The adjacent public gardens were at one time the domain of the Royal Court but are at present open to the people and give a tranquil, green respite when viewed from the city streets.


Considered among Turkey’s famous natural wonders, the white travertine terraces of Pamukkale (“Cotton Castle” in English) move down the slope and feels like a snowfield in the green landscape. The travertines are a main focus of Turkey trip, the hugely spread as well as rambling ruins belonging to Roman Hierapolis, an ancient spa town, is atop this calcite hill, that gives extra reason to visit. It is among the wonderful Tourist Attractions in Turkey.

Turkey is a beautiful country from the point of view of global tourism and seeing Turkey will be a mesmerizing experience. Tourist attractions in Turkey will give you an awesome experience.

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